Why I think podcasts are a pretty good idea

I love talking ... I mean you couldn't pay me enough to shut up. It's innately in me, I love the connection that is created between two people.

When I first thought about doing a podcast, I'll admit I was hesitant. There were already so many out there and some really successful ones that I listened to a lot. I mean I'm a nobody, how am I supposed to compete with someone who has been doing this for over 10 years and has million of downloads per episode.

I was constantly questioning who would want to talk to me? 
How the hell am I different?
What will my niche be?

Blah blah blah (this was followed by a ton of other bullshit reasons that prevented me from starting).

The truth is everyone has a voice. A unique perspective and opinion on any subject really. I mean think about it, nobody thinks like you. Nobody reacts to a situation exactly like you. Nobody takes action in life as you do. 

When you begin a conversation with someone, you never ask these questions, you just start talking and the dialogue comes out of nowhere but gives you all the necessary answers to create connection. 

Podcasts are a good idea because it allows for long form content and conversation. There's no limit (unless you have that kind of structure). You can waffle on for hours if you like, some people including myself like listening to 2-3 hour long conversations in pieces. I hate when a topic starts to get into the nitty, gritty and the host cuts it off because they have to abide by a time frame or they have other questions to get to. Just let the thing flow, as with any conversation in life. 

Plus you can go back and create smaller pieces of content from the long form, so sometimes the longer the better (unless it's boring, and there's zero connection between the host and the guest. If that's the case then cut it short)

Storytelling is in all of us and that's what a podcast allows us to do. To sit and listen to the story of another human being. It creates relatability, inspiration, teaches us lessons of how to overcome adversity or gives us knowledge we can apply to out own life.

Imagine if we never heard of Da Vinci's inventions, or Muhammed Ali standing up for what he believed in. If Walt Disney never allowed his imagination to run wild and make the invisible, visible. 

It was only through stories that these ideas and actions were expressed and all of these allowed us to be inspired to create something much greater than ourselves. 

In the end I decided that my niche, my why, the reason why people would want to talk to me is ... well ... because there's nobody else like me

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